From supermodel to designer, Lu Yan’s logo-free ‘Comme Moi’ brand sparks investors

Supermodel, Lu Yan turns designer and opens Comme Moi in Shanghai
Designer Lu Yan for Comme Moi at Shanghai Fashion Week

Chinese model Lu Yan made headlines when she traded walking the catwalk for designing her own clothing line, Comme Moi, which she premiered at Shanghai Fashion Week.

Now Lu Yan has the pleasure to open her first flagship store for Comme Moi in a prime spot within Shanghai’s 4-star Donghu Hotel.  The supermodel commissioned local city-based architects Neri & Hu to craft an outpost that marries the art deco style of the hotel, with her brands modern-luxe appeal.

The new store comes at a great time in Shanghai where investors keep an eye firmly on the city’s growing number of young, fashion-conscious buyers keen to invest in distinctive logo-free pieces.

Comme Moi by Lu Yan

Lu Yan’s new label is already known for its relaxed luxe look and wearable pieces, like this season’s abstract print piqué trench coat seen below.

Comme Moi by Lu Yan

The new boutique occupies space in an art deco style Hotel built in the 1920s. And fortunately architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu excel at designing contemporary spaces that merge modern and heritage elements. The design duo’s past projects include a basilica-inspired Capo Italian restaurant, housed in a 1911 Bund-side building, and their own Design Republic Commune hub, a colonial police station originally built in 1910.

For Comme Moi’s new store, they continued their trademark embrace of the past by blurring the line between old and new with a blend of rusticated modern luxe.

‘The design concept came from working with the existing conditions, the walls are treated minimally while most of the articulation happens with the built-in furniture,’ Hu states.

Upon entering, visitors are met with a sequence of four intimate chambers linked with a retro futuristic brass rail that flows continuously throughout the store.

It not only acts as a unifying visual theme but also doubles as a distinctive frame for the designers’ metal mesh, cage-like cabinets.  Neri & Hu’s trademark style is also present in the bare concrete walls and the silver-grey terrazzo floors with oak inserts that run across the 150 sq m space.

To complement the muted earthy palette, the designers added their signature, subtly-lit Parachilna lighting and a collection of their perfectly crafted, high-design furniture.

Comme Moi
Donghu Hotel Annex Building
169 Xinle Road, Shanghai, China
Telephone86.215 4664 689

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