Contemporary Design Duo Leitmotiv On Exhibit At Milan’s Triennale Museum.

Triennale Museum in Milan exhibits Leitmotiv
Triennale Museum exhibits Leitmotiv designs in Milan

Milan’s Triennale museum premieres “The new vocabulary of fashion” (Il nuovo vocabolario della moda italiana), in the Architecture Gallery by Gae Aulenti.  The unique exhibition is dedicated to the celebration of Italian fashion, and showcases individual designers whose works add new entries to fashion’s dictionary of form and productivity, while telling the history of Italy and its excellence in the industry.

Leitmotif the creative duo, designers Fabio Sasso and Juan Caro, designs where chosen for the Triennale di Milano exhibition ‘Il Nuovo Vocabolario della Moda Italiana’

The creative duo of Leitmotiv, designers Fabio Sasso and Juan Caro, where chosen to exhibit based upon three pieces from their Spring 2016 ‘Arizona Dream’ collection shown at Milan Fashion.

Leitmotiv Spring 2016 'Arizona Dream' designs chosen for the Il Nuovo Vocabolario della Moda Italiana includes this dress and two other pieces from the runway.
Leitmotiv Spring 2016 ‘Arizona Dream’ designs chosen for ‘Il nuovo vocabolario della moda Italiana’ includes dress shown and two other pieces from the runway.

Fabio and Juan were selected by a prestigious committee including the museum curators, the Scientific Committee of the exhibition, and a panel of advisers from the fashion world.

The exhibition, conceived and curated by Paola Bertola, Eleonora Fiorani and Vittorio Linfante, is sponsored by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion.  The exhibition, “The new vocabulary of fashion”, offers an insight into the past, present and future of fashion in Italy, a history rewritten continuously by emerging designers that creatively reinterprets the ‘Made in Italy’ brand.

Triennale di Milano
Il nuovo vocabolario della moda Italiana
on display from November 24 to March 6
Viale Alemagna, 6, 20121. Milano.
T. +39.02.724341

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