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Paris is ‘The City of Light’

This is a tribute to Paris whose light will shine even in its darkest hour.  Paris is a beacon to people everywhere and it’s light will illuminate for all time.

Paris is nicknamed ‘City of Light’ not because of the beauty it illuminates but because the city, during the eighteenth century, was the first city to light the streets using gas lamps.  It was a great innovation. It made the streets safer. It meant that people were now able to undertake leisure activities after dark. Instead of staying at home, people began to use the time after night fell in a productive way. The Expo stayed open until midnight. It marked the beginning of modern urban life.

More importantly it was Paris the world looked to during the Age of Enlightenment.  It became the center of education, learning and philosophy.  It was seen as an “enlightened” place to be.

Paris, 18th Century (Haussmanns)
Paris, 18th Century (Haussmanns)

So in the wake of the tragedy last evening that left over 100 people dead, it is only fitting that the Eiffel Tower, the city’s signature monument, has turned off its light in memorial to them.

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