Bespoke Eyewear By Bourgeat Paris

91166a1b66ebd4567d36cc8b4d46f1dcRight now eye-wear is one of the biggest trends in Fashion.  In an interview at the MTV EMA’s in Milan last week UK artist Tinie Tempah told Forbes that his latest fashion obsession is with spectacles.  “At the moment I’m quite into spectacles.” said the Loewe styled rapper, “I’ve really been enjoying experimenting with them”.  

Eyewear by Maison Bourget (2015)
Eyewear by Maison Bourget (2015)

But for some, spectacles are so much more than a trend, perceived as an extension of the personality, the eyewear is used as an expression of self. The French eyewear company, Maison Bourgeat, a custom-design atelier, creates bespoke eyewear for these connoisseurs. Founded in 1879 in Morez (Jura), the birthplace of French eyewear, Maison Bourgeat remains one of the last workshops of 100% hand-made eyewear, “made in France”.


The Bourgeat workshop is located on the rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris.  Here they attend to clients in search of the perfect frame.

Eyewear by Maison Bourget (2015)

A meeting wih a Bourgeat designer is similar to a client fitting for couture, multiple sessions are required for the selection, measurement, and fit of Bourgeat spectacles.  Clients can select from over 200 frames, from the maison’s one hundred year old archive, with styles that range from classic to quirky, from retro to modern. At Bourgeat the client needs for size, fit, comfort and originality are most important.


And not to be outdone by couture, the eyewear is made from a range of materials, from the exotic to the precious, such as metals in gold and silver, and metal alloys, and for the exotic, materials such as European horn (buffalo, zebu, gazelles), as well as leather, ivory and tortoiseshell, all from regulated stocks. 

House Bourgeat
134 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré
75008 Paris
+33 1 53 75 40 39

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