Adjacent Realities

Guschelbauer 'Interieur Exterieur II'
Guschelbauer ‘Interieur Exterieur II’

‘Adjacent Realities’ in London presents works focusing on and envisioning current and future movements in the modern world. Artist and curator Catharina Bond has invited artists living and working in both Austria and the UK to explore, question and comment on the idea of the “real” in a world characterized by constant transformation and virtual parallels.

Shrinking City, 2014 | Digitale Fotografien, Pigmentprint auf Büttenpapier
‘Shrinking City’, 2015 , Digital photography on pigmented print by Bernd Oppl

The artists explore different issues such as: What is reality today? What does it mean to be human now? How is the ever increasing pace of life affecting and shaping the human condition?  And how do images translate the present?

'Like swimming', digital photography panels, Alexander Duncan, 2015
‘Like swimming’, 2015, digital photography panels, Alexander Duncan

The exhibition incorporates a wide variety of artistic practices, including performance, sculpture, video and photography, in an engaging array of perspectives and responses to the questions they confront.

Bonbonniere, Photobooth Video Loop by Daniela Zahlner, Installation with flatscreen and cushions
‘Bonbonniere’, 2014, Photobooth Video Loop, Installation with flatscreen and cushions by Daniela Zahlner


Austrian Cultural Forum
29 Oct 2015 – 29 Jan 2016
28 Rutland Gate
United Kingdom

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