Candiani turns denim into high fashion luxe

candiani denim 2
Candiani Denim 2015 Fashion Show in Amsterdam

Candiani Spa is a revolutionary denim textile producer in northern Italy. Candiani is known as the greenest textile company in the blue World and produces for the most prestigious names in the market.  Recently Candiani partnered with designer, Andrea Diletto, to create a Candiani Denim fashion line.  The collection offers impeccable Italian suiting and tailoring using the sustainable denim fabric.

The Candiani textile is completely produced in-house.  The textile is a mix of salvaged denim, the fabric treatment does not use water, but instead, laser, creating one of the most bio-friendly treatment processes in the world.

candiani denim 3
Candiani Denim 2015 Fashion Show in Amsterdam

The salvaged fabrics are produced and developed in artisanal fashion with original looms for handmade textile creation. The unprecedented ‘back to basics’ approach reflects the deep heritage of Candiani Denim which dates back to the 1930s.

The four generation’s old company also uses innovative new techniques, such as the blend of natural and synthetic fibers, to improve fabric elasticity and create high sustainability for the denim’s functional wear.

candiani denim 5
Candiani Denim 2015 Fashion Show in Amsterdam

The collection by Candiani Denim and Andrea Diletto is extraordinarily inventive, the design interpretation of classic pieces in a contemporary way showcases the ‘Made in Italy’ style, and, is what many see as the denim of the future.   Recently Candiani Denim and Andrea Diletto were recognized with the 2015 Global Denim Award in Amsterdam.

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