The Spellbound Ballet Project Departs From The Traditions.

The Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, Italy’s leading modern troupe, was established in 1994 by choreographer Mauro Astolfi on his return to Italy from working in America. Since 1996, Astolfi has run the project with Valentina Marini, who helped the company evolve internationally and set up worldwide transversal collaborations.

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Since it’s inception the duo envisioned a modern dance troupe that offered contemporary original stories. Its rich artistic direction, together with the brand’s constantly evolving vision to develop fresh works, has seen the company produce a wide variety of creations in different fields.

Unlike the highly known, but often repeated, performances by traditional ballet companies, the Spellbound Contemporary Ballet attempts to push past the traditional symbols.


The presentation for the tour in the United States featured a story of visceral re-connection with the cycles of renewal in nature. Dancers explored the kaleidoscope of the seasons to segments of Antonio Vivaldi’s masterpiece juxtaposed with original music by Luca Salvadori and fragments of bird song, modal ancient melody, abstract electronic sound bites, the glass harmonica, and bass flute.

Spellbound has a strong presence in top theatres and international festivals. (Serbia, Germany, Spain, Israel, Canada, Panama, France, Croatia, Cyprus, Thailand, Switzerland, Austria, Belarus, USA, Russia and North Korea). Critics often applaud the contemporary troop for the excellence of its performers and the versatility of its choreographies.

photo by Marco Bravi

With the modernity of its programs and its active, rich repertoire, the company is one of the most renown and competitive Italian artistic contributors to international culture. The troupe, who’ve recently returned to Europe from an American tour, will complete 5 cities in Italy before heading to Germany, Spain and then on tour in Africa.

To see the company’s exquisite, innovative dance style, visit

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