Editors’ picks: 5 must see exhibitions at Paris Photo 2015

Paris Photo Exhibition in the Grand Palais (2014)
Paris Photo Exhibition in the Grand Palais (2014)

Paris Photo is a major photography fair set in the Grand Palais in the ‘City of Lights’. This season the fair, now in its 19th edition, has 140 galleries from 33 countries exhibiting archival and contemporary works by renowned and emerging photographers. The exhibition begins on 12th November and will run through the 15th November.

The editors’ picks of exhibitions to visit at Paris Photo 2015 included galleries whose artists’ photographic works accentuate the social and cultural dynamics of contemporary society today.


Nana, Place Blanche, Paris 1961. © Christer Strömholm/ Strömholm Estate, 2014
Nana, Place Blanche, Paris 1961. © Christer Strömholm/ Strömholm Estate, 2014

C/O Berlin Amerika Haus
Hardenbergstraße 22 – 24
10623 berlin
T +49 30 28 444 16 0

Robert Capa’s falling soldier, the man jumping the puddle by Henri Cartier-Bresson, the kissing couple in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt, the Vietnamese fleeing from Napalm by Nick Út, the hissing of the Soviet flag on the Reichstag in Berlin by Jewgeni Chaldej – these iconographic photographs are all Leica pictures and have ingrained themselves in our collective memory. With the speed, freedom and effortlessness of the miniature camera, photography has broken free of the rigid studio and discovered what is happening on the street. The invention of the 35 mm format 100 years ago has been the catalyst for an extensive visual exploration of reality by amateurs, artists and photojournalists. Hence the Leica camera has become an instrument of speed and innovation – a legend up to our digital age.

The exhibition was curated by Hans-Michael Koetzle and will present around 400 photographs, magazines and photo books. It is also a history of the style of the medium, from Modernism in the early 20th century to the artistic diversity of the present.

More information at en.leica-camera.com


Maison Européenne de la Photographie
5/7, rue de Fourcy
75004 paris
T +33 (0)1 44 78 75 00

« In this digital age, we live through our screens, documenting the moment. We no longer look; we film. We no longer listen; we tape. And we no longer talk; we post » states Alber Elbaz, the Artistic Director of Lanvin since 2001. In his studio, he is used to working around the body, with a model and his team. Everyone simply calls him “Alber”, a testament to their discreet affection and obvious complicity.

He works on his collections in a dimly lit room, using a blank page and a black pen, to clearly sense and project women’s desires into clothes. He guides his modélistes at every stage of the design process, providing solutions to any technical issues encountered along the way. The pace of the collections gathers enormous momentum and every season presents a new pretext for further research in his design studio on rue Faubourg-Saint-Honoré.


The Self Promenade, Luisa Dorr & Navin Kala, 2015
The Self Promenade, Luisa Dorr & Navin Kala, 2015

Musée du quai Branly
37, quai Branly
75007 paris
T +33 (0)1 56 61 70 00

Major event in the world of photography since 2007, the Photoquai Biennial of World Images continues its fundamental mission to raise awareness of artists from around the world whose work remains largely unseen and unknown in Europe, and to encourage cross-cultural dialogue and an interchange of perspectives on the world.

The Self Promenade series tacles the ‘The selfie’ an international phenomena. The artists Luisa Dörr (1988, Brazil) and Navin Kala (1980, India), show the other side of the camera as people contort themselves to get the best shot. Called The Self Promenade it focuses on the avenue of the stars in Hong Kong, and observing the peculiar habits of tourists from mainland China. The artists call these acts an “abusing of selfies” as though they are an addiction driving the tourists to recored every single action and experience. To them the imposition of the self into the photo becomes a way of “conquering this new world with the “I was there” attitude.”

More information at: photoquai.fr


Galerie Julian Sander
Prinz-Albert-Str. 12
53113 bonn
T +49 228 28 63 44 11

Beauty as product? – What happens when our subjective perceptions of natural beauty are confronted with the plastic surgeon’s scientific, geometry-based standard of beauty?

The women portrayed by Marc Erwin Babej are all in their Twenties and conform to perceptions of beauty in current society. New York Cory plastic surgeon Dr. Maria M. LoTempio was given the assignment to do what it takes to “upgrade” these “patients” according to the standards of her profession. All “patients” were initially evaluated via a set of five clinical images and then examined in person. Finally, they were marked with preoperative markings – the Mask of Perfection. The images in this series were taken in this state. No procedures were performed following the images.

More information at galeriejuliansander.de


A man floats in the 57th-floor swimming pool of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, with the skyline of the Singapore financial district behind him. 2013 © Paolo Woods & Gabriele Galimberti--INSTITUTE
A man floats in the 57th-floor swimming pool of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, with the skyline of the Singapore financial district behind him. 2013 © Paolo Woods & Gabriele Galimberti–INSTITUTE

P.O. Box 5581
5581 doha
T +971 50 55 33 879

“The story of inequality is impossible to ignore these days. My morning commute through Manhattan affords me glimpses of both appalling poverty and magnificent wealth. Everyone from billionaire businessmen to the Pope has spoken out against this troubling development. (…)”

The exhibition features 16 images by award winning international photographers curated by Myles Little. The series is their response to the issue of skyrocketing wealth inequality around the globe, using contemporary documentary photography to map the ecosystem of privilege, from work to education to leisure.

More information at east-wing.org

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