Melissa X Campana: Baroque Inspired Gladiator Sandals

Melissa, the world-renowned shoe designer, and, interior designers Humberto and Fernando Campana, partner, once again, with the creation of a new line of baroque-inspired shoes.  Titled ‘Barroca’ the shoes come to modern-day life, in animated detail, with flowers, angels and wings, that appear etched in gold.

For the contemporary collection, modern symbols such as paper clips, scissors, screws and wire mesh consort among a traditional milieu of animal and flora. The modern elements that play with the traditional ornamental Baroque symbols is unexpected and offers a contemporary twist.

The hyper realistic shoes were created with the use of digital shoe models, in high resolution to develop the animated compositions. The project focuses on the brazilian brands use of color, chaos and eclectic creativity to interpret a shoe from fine art.

Melissa concept store in Covent Garden, London. Collaboration with Campana.
Melissa concept store in Covent Garden, London. ‘Barroca’ shoe collaboration with Campana.

On the collection Melissa’s shared,

“The ‘Barroca’ shoe collection is inspired by Baroque Roman architecture and Brazilian style. The idea is to create an organic language straddling the tradition of culture with a perspective from a new country, through the merger of ornaments of the past with contemporary elements. “

This is not the first time Melissa has collaborated with the Campagna brothers.  This year marks their 10th year anniversary with over a dozen product collaborations.

Melissa concept store in Covent Garden, London. Collaboration with Campana.
Baroque Inspiration

The ‘Barrocca’ shoe collection will be available in stores around the world and online at

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