Turin’s Artissima Art Fair Launches Its 22nd Edition

Next month Artissima, the International Fair of Contemporary Art in Turin, opens its 22nd edition to the public. Directed for the fourth time by Sarah Cosulich Canarutto, Artissima will feature 207 galleries from 31 countries and is set to award over €50,000 in cash prizes to artists.

ARTISTS: Jonquil Brookhart, Paul Myoda for Piero Atchugarry
ARTISTS: Jonquil Brookhart, Paul Myoda for Piero Atchugarry

Held November 6–8, the Artissima International Fair of Contemporary Art‘s precise identity ensures Artissima’s impact is felt beyond its annual showing.  The fair’s presence in the international market, the careful attention to experimentation and research, and the curatorial framework of its chosen artists, is the focus of the prestigious board of directors each season.

Artissima is the first contemporary art fair to introduce a focus on the historical avant-garde and the first to give a commercial stage to performance art.


Artissima is also the first fair to reward young artists with a museum exhibition, the first fair to transform talks into itinerant conversations throughout the booths, the first fair to include an exhibition of exceptional institutional collections, and – starting this year – the first fair to have a VIP Lounge conceived as a curatorial project. The VIP Lounge was conceived to encourage new collecting, and attract global collectors, to attend the fair.

Artissima 'Oval Theatre' in Turin, Italy
Artissima ‘Oval Theatre’ in Turin, Italy
Via Giacomo Mattè Trucco 70, Torino, Italy
+39 011 197 441 06

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