The Manshausen House Is The Ultimate Retreat

We are noticing an architectural trend in the creation of impossible views. Take the Manshausen House, a retreat on the wild 55-acre island that sits within a protected archipelago in the northern part of Norway. Owned by the celebrated Norwegian polar explorer, Børge Ousland, the hotel’s four cabins are faultlessly perched on a series of listed old stone with sweeping views of the island’s rugged landscape and beyond.

Conceived by Tromsø-based architect Snorre Stinessen, the lodging’s are a modern take on the traditional Norwegian country cabin, fronted by floor-to-ceiling glass, ensuring guests optimum immersion in the area’s idyllic surroundings from sunup to sundown.

Inside, along with four beds, is a bathroom and a Corian kitchen.  Each hut is laid out in a modular style with multi-functional features that includes walls that flip down to form tables. At the heart of the resort, is the Bødtkerboligen, a two-storey main house, which dating back to the 1800s, has been gently upgraded to incorporate a dining area and a library.

A luxury travel element being added to the main house is a spa area, which including a sauna, is due for completion in Summer 2016.

Manshausen House, Norway
Manshausen island
Telephone: 47. 2338 2200

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