Le Babe Fall 2015 ‘Ballerina’ Collection

Le Babe is a footwear brand designed to appeal to women looking for comfortable but stylish shoes.  The Italian-owned company, founded three years ago, boasts a flagship retail store in the city center of Udine, located in the northeast of Italy less than 40 kilometers from the Slovenian border.

Le Babe shoes are ‘Made in Italy’ through established relationships with leading Italian suppliers. Distributed through-out Europe and Japan and also available online, the ballerina style slippers and loafers have gathered an impressive audience.

For the Fall 2015 season Le Babe offers signature pointed and rounded ballerina shoes in materials of soft leather, suede, mirrored leather, and printed calf.


Other textiles include papillons of gold-metal and leather encrusted with jewel details of rhinestones and beading.   This season includes brogues in black and white striped calf and glittery leather, the same palette is applied to black and white leather loafers with a pied-de-poule print.

An additional palette offered are in seasonal colors of gray, magenta and purple contrasted with acid green, and electric blue. Black and white polka dots done in combination with bright red add an elegant and edgy touch.

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