Why We Love Chanel’s New Boy.friend Watch

chanel_boyfriend_watch_model_shot.jpg--760x0-q80-crop-scale-subsampling-2-upscale-falseChanel’s new Boy.Friend watch, their latest watch design concept, launched in boutiques this month.  The French fashion house’s horological studio won us over with the creation of a modern wristwatch interpreted from classic Deco designs, such as the Cartier Tank watches of the 1920s.

Chanel Boyfriend watch 11_MG_1052 _MG_1045 The Boy.Friend watch, which comes in quartz and mechanical editions, is a horological homage to classic Golden Ratio proportions. But it has a decidedly modern look, mainly due to its oversized form: the case almost fills the wrist, like a boyish bangle and looks great worn, Gianni Agnelli-style, over the sleeve or cuff. But it is the super-subtle design details, almost naked to the eye, that make the Boy.Friend such a nicely composed piece of architecture for the wrist.

49739c3cbf6577207adb82657abe2288The beautifully chamfered case in cool tones of beige or white gold, are made all the more minimalist with clever polishing and finishes: some edges appear brushed, others shiny; each little difference creating shadow and depth on a micro-scale. There are six levels of relief – rising from the two-step bezel to the crystal cover and then down again to the dial, cleverly embossed with a cutaway circle, or date or small-seconds apertures.


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