The Softness Of Porcelain: Hitomi Hosono’s Contemporary Ceramics Exhibit In Classic London.

(photo: courtesy Adrian Sassoon, London and Colefax and Fowler)

The new design exhibition by artist Hitomi Hosono features the artist’s contemporary ceramics inside one of London’s classic Mayfair townhouse originally built in 1723. Hosono’s markedly modern, botanically themed design works highlight the timelessness of English design and old English grandeur.

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Hosono’s show comprises 30 new pieces scattered amidst the showroom’s antique furnishings. Featured are vases with graceful leaf and cherry blossom motifs that reflect the artist’s Japanese upbringing.

Hosono was particularly inspired by a Colefax and Fowler fabric pattern dating back to 1845 where beautiful roses and pansies appeared to be moving as if blown by a gentle summer breeze. Hosono recreated the movement with her roses and pansies bowls.

(photo: courtesy Adrian Sassoon, London and Colefax and Fowler)

Unlike her earlier works which tend to emanate outwards the bowls close in on themselves allowing for a sturdier surface meant to be felt by hand.  “I enjoy touching flower petals,” she says, “and I want people to enjoy the softness of the porcelain”.

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(photo: courtesy Adrian Sassoon, London and Colefax and Fowler)

It takes months to perfect the small leaf and flower moulds. Hosono details the plaster using modified dental tools with sharpened tips before applying the mouldings individually to the clay surface. The exhibition is open on show until October 27th and is open to the public. See details below.

‘Brook Street: An Artist’s Eye’
39 Brook Street
London, W1K 4JE

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