Rochas Spring 2016 Collection

Creative Director Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s collection for the Rocha Spring 2016 season featured hyper-feminine and ornate pieces dedicated to explosions of color, embellishment, and a nod towards the burnished society of old-school couture.

The Beauty led by Lucia Pieroni, working with Clé de Peau Beauté, said models at Rochas were like “Nineties fresh-faced girls very radiant and very subtle.” Practically no product was applied to hair before the show. “It’s all about very clean hair,” said Paul Hanlon, who explained Rochas’ artistic director Alessandro Dell’Acqua wanted something “easy.” After a messy middle parting, he pulled tresses into a ponytail and left ends hanging from hairbands.

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As for the collection Dell’Acqua chose for his seasonal muse Gala Dalí, the wife of Salvador and a highly influential force of nature in the Surrealist art scene. That world of artful, amusing madness manifested in exaggerated sculptural bows; oversize black-and-white stripes; surf motifs and an improbably graceful and rich embroidery depicting a herd of giraffes under the rays of the sun.

Dell’Acqua controlled the silhouette design with simple sporty shapes. Bows were placed on trim cropped tanks worn with slim skirts and the jungle and beach scenes appeared on slip dresses, tanks and on the back of an oversize blazer that was completely gilded over in front with lavish embroideries.

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