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How This Greek Espresso Bar Revitalizes Their Design Concept.

“It’s all about coffee” says the owners of the Flocafé stores located throughout Greece.  Flocafé recently went through a facelift which took inspiration from the colors, the scents, and the origins of coffee as well as the methods of production. The renewal of the brand name of Flocafé was incorporated both in the architectural design and the corporate identity of this established chain of coffee houses.


The quality of raw materials used in this food and beverages eatery resulted in upgraded aesthetics to the interior spaces which was the key objective of the new Flocafé Espresso Room. The double frontage space with the elongated bar of an existing Flocafé in Faliron, Athens, served as the ideal backdrop for the first installment of the new concept.


The bar counter lowers in height in order to provide full view of the coffee ritual in the eyes of the customers, while large scale coffee silos and metal meshes with hidden lighting are placed in the background creating a refined industrial setting. Metal shelves with items that recount the origins of coffee: burlap sacks, containers, packages of coffees, pastries and jars, are suspended from the ceiling above the bar counter. Selected natural materials, such as brick, wood, white tiles placed diagonally, forged cement, metal, blackboards are used in the bar area and throughout the store.


Semitransparent dividers and low libraries define individual spaces, creating a friendly atmosphere, with special lighting and bulbs enhancing the industrial aesthetic of the store. In accordance with the materials, comfortable and cozy furniture placed around large tables, gather large groups of friends or bring together smaller groups, creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

For more information visit: Flocafé

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