London’s Artisanal Eats Now Available For Home Delivery.

Food is the latest ‘on-demand’ industry as big brands like Amazon and Uber launch their own food delivery services. But there are more specialized food delivery services where you can get quality, artisanal eats such as London’s Michelin star Supper restaurant.

Below, find three new high-end delivery services that would tempt the most discerning palette.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfastinbed promises eggs and bagels to pajama clad Londoners in just 25 minutes. Their mission is to bring people great and healthy breakfasts with ingredients sourced from the New Covent Garden Market. The menu (which changes weekly) includes hot coffee and the daily newspaper.


Try the World

New York based Try the World founders Kat Vorotova and David Foult collaborate with chefs around the world to find the best foodie souvenirs and send them back to you. Each pack comes with a culture guide containing recipes, internationally themed food items, music, and a few foreign films to create an immersive experience.



On 26th October 2015 Italian gourmet food company Originàrio will launch a curated tasting box of artisanal Italian products. Founder Sissi Semprini joined with food writer and restaurateur Roberta Corradin and chef Luca Zampa to curate the selection. The ingredients in these tasting boxes are typically what Italy’s Michelin star chefs source for the restaurants. This will be the first time they will be made available for commercial purchase outside the country. NOTE: The website has an Italian and English option.


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