Wiyoga Muhardanto’s Exhibit Explores Consumerism In Society

Wiyoga’s exhibition ‘A Mirror for Themselves’ aims to create new meanings to replicated objects and spaces. His process manipulates a chosen object to the scale of 1:1, and then combines the replica with an object that holds a contrasting meaning or purpose. His interest in this is the exploration of the context of space, and to further focus on the commoditization of space; to turn a sacred place into a commercialized setting. Concerned with consumerism, specifically in urban society, Muhardanto explores his ideas and translates them through the parody and irony apparent in his works.

“I like to replicate an object or space to the scale of 1:1. When I do this, I combine the replica with an object that has contrasting meaning. Through combining two contrasting meanings, I create a new meaning of the object. I am also interested in playing with the context of space and like to focus on the commoditization of space. As an example, turning a sacred space into a commercialized space.” ~ Wiyoga Muhardanto

56-191113-0c0e11067662edd30cabe7b1abb1eef6Three-dimensional medium has become Wiyoga’s choice ever since he was in college. On his previous works, Wiyoga oftentimes started out from the consumerism discourse and product fetishism issues in urban society, specifically the socialite. tumblr_inline_mqoul33Ke51qz4rgp