La Maison Du Grec Café In Athens, Greece.

Restaurateur Ntoumis Konstantinos, who after years of managing successful eateries, finally opens his own café In Athens, Greece. Located in the affluent suburb of Kifissia, the café slots neatly among the trendy new bars and restaurants located along the charming city streets.

La Maison Du Grec Café interiors feature an airy main dining room designed in homage to classical Greek architecture, such as the patterned mosaic tiles and an antefix sculpture carved from solid wood. And the mezzanine and inner courtyard model those from ancient Athenian homes, built from stone, wood, and clay bricks.

The café menu has a series of light Grecian dishes by acclaimed chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos. Commendably, he sources cheeses and cured meats and ingredients for traditional pies and tarts from small-scale Greek producers.

Greek yogurt with honey. (photo: Monika Grabkowska)
Greek yogurt with honey. (photo: Monika Grabkowska)

But it is said the restaurant’s loyal clientele return for breakfasts of scrambled eggs and cinnamon-spiced tomatoes with handmade Zea bread. The heritage dish has surged in popularity due to its purported health benefits and gluten-free credentials.

La Maison du Grec
Kasseveti II, Kifissia

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