Nuit Blanche 2015: A list Of free Museums And Art Foundations, Starting Tonight

This evening starting at 7pm the annual Nuit Blanche 2015 will commence.  Each year Parisians and visitors are invited to rediscover a part of the city, the great Paris. Presentations are used to help locals rediscover treasures and take another look using contemporary art works.  We’ve compiled a list of the museums and art foundations open tonight, for free, to the public.

  • Centre Pompidou: free visits (20h-2h)
    The Centre Pompidou will allow views of its permanent collections and its current exhibition “A history, art, architecture, design of the 1980s to the present day.” In addition, Elisa and Eric Arletti Pône will host a performance of spectral music that will culminate into a fireworks show in the square at 10pm
  • Louis Vuitton  Foundation: free visits (20h-2h)
    The Louis Vuitton Foundation will remain open all night. To get to the foundation, a free shuttle will leave the Parc Monceau.
  • Grand Palace: Performance and exhibition (20h-01h)
    For Nuit Blanche 2015, the Grand Palais will present portraits by Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun, whom some considered the greatest portrait painter of his time.
  • Quai Branly Museum: Photoquai (19h-7h)
    The photographic festival ‘Photoquai’, which celebrates 40 photographers from around the world, will be on view.
  • Orangerie Museum:  ProQuartet, musical performances (19h-6h)
    The Orangerie Museum will host ProQuartet, the European Chamber Music Center for evening performances, including a score of works presented by a 12 European string quartet.
  • National Archives: Ah humanoid, video installation (19h-01h)
    In the National Archives, Verena Paravel, and Lucien Castaing-Taylor Ernst Karel will present their vision (pessimistic) of humanity, through footage shot in Japan.
  • Luxembourg Museum:  Fragonard Lover (7:30 p.m. to 0:00)
    The Luxembourg Museum will open their doors and present the ‘Ragonard lovers’, a series devoted to a libertine vision of love in the eighteenth century. In addition perfumer’s apprentices will be present to design fragrances in interpretation with the exhibited works.
  • Gaite  Lyrique: I Love Transmedia of Tacteel (20h-midnight)
    I LOVE TRANSMEDIA will offer a salon environment dedicated to new writings, and to understanding the (r) evolution at work in the cultural sector.
  • Cernuschi Museum:  Photographs Kim Jungman (20h-midnight)
    The Cernuschi Museum will host Kim Jungman who offers a tender and timeless look on his native country, its culture and its people, in photographs of poetry.
  • Espace EDF Foundation: artificial climates (19h-2h)
    Space Foundation EDF remains open all evening to debut their new exhibition ‘Artificial Climates’, twenty artists will exhibit works on the theme of climate and its evolution to come.
  • Museum of Art and History of Judaism: Winter family (21h-2h)
    The collective Winter Family will host a musical performance between concerts, screenings and readings around the myth of the destruction of Sodom.
  • Arab World Institute: Sewn Main (19h-midnight)
    The Arab World Institute will debut ‘Hand Sewn’, an exhibition that highlights silks and velvets made ​​by women in prison.
  • Monnaie de Paris:  Take Me (I’m Yours) from (19h to 7 am)
    The exhibition ‘Take Me (I’m Yours)’ by Christian Boltanski will debut his “free store” where you can exchange any object for a piece of art work.

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