Edeline Lee Spring 2016 Collection

The Edeline Lee Spring 2016 collection started with inspiration from the abstract expressionism ‘Ocean Park’ Series by American painter Richard Diebenkorn.

“I studied his method of composition, his sense of proportion, his wonderful sense of light and juxtapositions of color. I ended up experimenting much more intensely and directly with color than I ever have before. Somewhere along the way, inspiration from the Memphis Group worked its way in. The final result is a breezy collection that makes me think of a summer’s day driving along Highway One and the mythical Californian coastline.”

There are a series of pieces made of textured Flou Bubble jacquard that collage acid pastel colors like Aqua, Flouro, Yellow, Coral and Lilac through varied stitching techniques: color-blocking, paneling, piping, patchwork, overlays, inserts embroidery and appliqué. A textured jacquard group assembles together floral, stripe and tweed motifs. A lightweight cotton silk jacquard with a flowing wave pattern is built into light summer dresses and long, wide culotte trousers.

A lurex, pearlescent, holographic tweed “denim” jacket is appliqued with a face motif reminiscent of the planes of a Naum Gabo sculpture. There is experimentation with crossing and twisting of fabrics in both symmetrical and asymmetrical applications. Detached draping playfully exposes slivers of skin at the lower back and waist. Playful, oversized and slouchy box-cut shoulders balance the rigorous tailored shapes.

The presentation takes place at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms – an Edwardian painting studio that once supplied all the West Endtheatres with their scenic backdrops. Within this evocative space, there is a scenography executed by Switzerland-based artist Kyung Roh Banwart. Girls stand within a large 3-dimensional painting with walls and floors painted in the artist’s response to Edeline‘s work. A second long room is wrapped with ribbons and hung with a series of paintings by the artist.

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