Vanessa McKeown: Surrealist Food Art Photography

vanessa-mckeown-forms-inflatable-fruits-and-vegetables-with-balloons-818Vanessa McKeown is a talented illustrator who lives and works in London. Recently her website of common objects transformed and photographed as colorful food imagery has garnered her global attention.  

Vanessa Mckeown is a graduate from the Chelsea College of Art with a degree in Graphic Design Communications.  In addition to working as an art director and photographer in London McKeown has taken to developing a surrealist, food art, still life series which she photographs in studio.

The simplicity of the physical collages and the exact use of two distinctly different mediums is deemed the attraction, especially amongst the food and art crowd.

The visual artist’s humorous art images offer a new perspective on food.   For example, here, Vanessa features exact objects of intent using real sponges for the ‘Sponge Cake’ series.


Even more creative is the balloons series, the artists creates stunning purple eggplants and grapes out of balloons.

original_Vanessa-McKeown-002 l_4229_Vanessa-MCKEOWN-finedininglovers-TP

Each image is enhanced with a pop-color palette of pastel backgrounds that create an iconic display of festive art works. Her website is filled with such imagery and we expect will lead her into features for “branding” work.

original_Vanessa-McKeown-003 original_Vanessa-McKeown-005

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