A look inside the Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition

Prior to Nicolas Ghesquière’s fourth ready-to-wear collection show for Louis Vuitton in Paris, the French luxury house opens up the designers creative process and influences for public view in ‘Series 3’, an exhibition in London, UK.

Located at 180 Strand, the exhibition uses all three floors and ten spaces. At the outset, the first room, hangs a geodesic dome suspended below a mirrored ceiling. In the background plays a recording of a storm coupled with text written by Jüergen Teller and recited by Adele Exarchopoulos.  A white tunnel made of sail cloth continues the theme of the journey, as does the next room it leads to, where intentionally disorienting videos are projected on walls surrounding an oversized white Vuitton trunk. Inside it, images are shown of iconic Vuitton muses like Catherine Deneuve and Charlotte Gainsbourg, alternated with digital 3D renderings of bags and shots of the interior and exterior of Louis Vuitton’s Frank Gehry-designed Foundation.

Throughout the exhibition, much emphasis is placed on the ‘hands’, the craftswomen and men who devote themselves to producing the pieces. In a mirrored room footage of the ‘hands’ at work is shown, at desks similar to the artisans’, in order to relate the experience and the technique in the creation of one meticulous Louis Vuitton bag.

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