The Polaroid Snap is the latest addition of instant cameras that features digital technology.  Available towards the end of 2015, the Polaroid Snap aims to be a popular stocking-stuffer for the holiday season.

The Eco sensible camera is geared towards retro-nostalgic buyers and photography enthusiasts.  The Polaroid Snap takes 2 x 3-inch photographs (rectangular not square) in either color, black-and-white or using vintage filters. It works using Zero ® Ink printing technology, combining instant Polaroids to digital imaging which will enable users to both print and share physical photos, while saving their image on a 32GB SD card for uploading to a computer and any social media platform.

Other features include a timer and photobooth options that allow you to take six photos in 10 seconds. It is available in four different colours: black, blue, red and white, and it will retail at just under $100.

Posted by:Nichelle Cole

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