Clerkenwell London Design Destination Opens This Month

... it’s a celebration of innovation and craftsmanship across many industries

Milan’s Corso Como 10 has some international competition with the opening of London’s new design destination Clerkenwell London. A 10,000 sq ft design store opening on Farringdon Road this month.

Combining an eatery, bar, wine library, design gallery, furniture floor, event space, spa, tailoring boutique, gold-parqueted fashion space, perfumery, and jeweler rooms, Clerkenwell London joins the fray of Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani and Carla Sozzani’s Corso Como 10 store in their objective to showcase niche and established designers, creatives and artisans.

Clerkenwell London is founded by David J Brown – a trained tailor, classical pianist and fine-wine enthusiast. The space, developed by Brown, stocks stationary from Akoto; blankets from Andreas Engesvik; ornamental glassware from Dechem; and geometric tableware from Ewelina Wisniosvka.

The mix of contemporary and vintage hand-picked homewares, fashion, jeweler, stationery, art, music and literature, from designers that hail all over the world, celebrates the innovation and craftsmanship across many industries.  In addition, the store will feature contemporary fashion designers.  In neon-labelled ‘Undressing Rooms’ customers can try pieces by Stutterheim, Zoe Jordan and Hannibal.

The diverging departments within Clerkenwell London have every intention of ensuring it is recognized as much more than a store or a restaurant. A calendar of events, workshops, tastings and classes include hands-on butchery, wellbeing will ensure the spaces has multi-functional capabilities.

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