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The Makings of a Michelin Star Chef: Joseph’s Story

grid-cell-10162-1413420407-8Joseph Johnson is a sous chef at Mélisse, an award winning french restaurant in Los Angeles.

Foodie, a YouTube channel exploring the world of food through short documentaries, follows Joseph for a week while he shows what it takes to work at the Michelin-Starred restaurant which is owned by chef Josiah Citrin.

In the short film we follow Johnson’s relentless pursuit of his cooking dream. Johnson’s day starts early and ends late, but in between those long hours he creates some of the city’s most beautiful dishes. The film culminates in an intimate dinner Joseph prepares for friends which clearly shows him on the path to success.

Produced by Life & Thyme in Los Angeles
Directed by Nathan Sage
Music by Kye Kye and Jules Massenet
Featuring: Joseph Johnson of Mélisse in Santa Monica, California:

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