Eco Wallpaper: Bien Fait Paris.

Located in the heart of Paris, in the Village Saint Paul, is a new French wallpaper showroom called Bien Fait. It is the careful creation of designer Cécile Figuette, described as a dream world, featuring bespoke wallpaper motifs in a mix of colorful geometry, mysterious panoramic visions and her childhood memories. The exterior of the spacious 70 m² showroom is covered in one of her signature wallpapers marking a striking contrast against its neighbors.

Bien Fait showroom in Paris (photo: courtesy)

“Bien Fait” means “well made” in French and is indicative to the product’s quality.  The wallpaper is printed using eco-solvent inks in UV stable colors. The composition is a mixture of wood and synthetic fibers which are tear-resistant, sunlight resistant and anti-ageing (no yellowing).

The Fashion Plate
Bien Fait Paris new eco wallpaper.

On arrival to the shop the front is entirely papered which sets the tone for what’s inside – full immersion and panoramic visions. For customers to imagine the wallpaper in their own homes Cécile Figuette created a unique photography studio designed by the French/ Japanese duo A+A Cooren. The bold patterns are displayed in full scale on rollers along the wall, this way buyers see them at their full potential and can appreciate their impact.

The bespoke design interiors are soft and clean upholstered in an ash wood and concrete palette, their neutrality quietly enhancing the colorful walls.  The long work surface, inspired by old-fashioned wallpapering tables, is a link between the showroom and the office.

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