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The Pope Takes To Instagram, Joins Voices Of Concern For Trump’s Jerusalem Decision.

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The Pope Takes To Instagram, Joins Voices Of Concern For Trump’s Jerusalem Decision.

The Pope takes to Instagram in light of Trump’s move to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli’s capital. He is expected to formalize his decision on Wednesday, December 13th. This decision comes after the world’s leaders cautioned the Trump administration against it for the sake of the peace process.

The move means the US can no longer play a role in the peace process.

The status of the divided city is hugely delicate and its fate is one of the thorniest issues of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Israel regards Jerusalem as its undivided capital and claims sovereignty over the whole city. But the international community views East Jerusalem as occupied land and the Palestinians consider it their future capital.

Trump also announced he intended to move the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. No nation has an embassy in Jerusalem. The international community’s position has long been that Jerusalem’s status should be determined by peace talks. Trumps decision upends seven decades of US policy.

The move also means the US can no longer play a role in the peace process, said Palestine Liberation Organization Secretary-General Saeb Erekat.

US troops are preparing for possible unrest in Jerusalem ahead of President Trump’s expected decision to name the city the capital of Israel.

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EN: Jerusalem is a unique city, sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims, and it has a special vocation to peace. I pray to the Lord that such identity be preserved and strengthened for the benefit of the Holy Land, the Middle East and the entire world. PT: Jerusalém é uma cidade única, sagrada para os judeus, os cristãos e os muçulmanos, e tem uma vocação especial à paz. Peço ao Senhor que esta identidade seja preservada e reforçada em benefício da Terra Santa, do Oriente Médio e do mundo inteiro. ES: Jerusalén es una ciudad única, sagrada para los judíos, los cristianos y los musulmanes, y tiene una vocación especial a la paz. Ruego al Señor que esta identidad se conserve y refuerce en beneficio de Tierra Santa, de Oriente Medio y del mundo entero. IT: Gerusalemme è una città unica, sacra per gli ebrei, i cristiani e i musulmani, ed ha una vocazione speciale alla pace. Prego il Signore che tale identità sia preservata e rafforzata a beneficio della Terra Santa, del Medio Oriente e del mondo intero. FR: Jérusalem est une ville unique, sacrée pour les juifs, les chrétiens et les musulmans, et a une vocation spéciale à la paix. Je prie le Seigneur pour que cette identité soit préservée et renforcée au bénéfice de la Terre Sainte, du Moyen-Orient et du monde entier. #Jerusalem, #prayer, #oración, #oração, #preghiera, #prière, #tb

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