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For Pet Lovers: Cat Cafes in Italy.

For Pets, Milan

For Pet Lovers: Cat Cafes in Italy.


Now a regular establishment, one can find Cat Cafes globally. Recently the UK launched Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporioum in London which started last year through a successful crowd funding campaign.


The list of established or soon-to-open cat cafes below are located throughout Italy. We hope you enjoy the cute cat pictures.

Neko Cat Cafe, Turin

Neko Cat Cafe is Italy’s first cat cafe. This small bistrot offers tea, refreshments, and a few dishes for visitors, but was created especially for cats. There are 9 cats in residence who play, climb, and delight visitors. The cafe offers home made cakes, bio lunches and dinners, as well as hot chocolate and alcoholic beverages for a cat-oriented aperitivo.

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Miagola Caffe, Turin

Miagola Caffe in Turin offers a mix of cuddly kitties, delicious repas, confectionery baked goods, coffee, herbal teas and classical music in a relaxing setting. Here there are 6 cats in residence and all come from catteries or rescue centers in the area.

Romeow Cat Bistrot, Rome

Romeow hosts its own cat café, actually a cat bistrot. In this stylish location visitors and their cats can enjoy vegan and raw dishes for lunch, aperitivo and dinner as well as play with the 6 cats in residence: Romeo, Maos, Nino, Frida, Lamù, Irì.


Crazy Cat Cafe, Milan

At the end of October a new cosmopolitan feline friendly cafe will open in Milan called Crazy Cat Cafe. Owners Dawn and Mark Centonza Galtieri want to create an environment which will pamper visitors while they enjoy a cappuccino, read a book and listen to good music. In addition, the Crazy Cat Cafe will offer a custom built cat playhouse for their feline friend. Although the owners are human, the real boss of the restaurant will be the six cats in residence: Freddie, Patti, Bowie, Nina, Elvis and Blondie.

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