Superstar Pharrell Williams and Architect Zaha Hadid Collaborate for Adidias

Pharrell-Williams-Zaha-Hadid-Superstar-Pharrell-Supershell-Shoes-adidas_dezeen_1Musician Pharrell Williams is a “huge fan” of architect Zaha Hadid, who he has collaborated with to design a pair of trainers as part of his collection for Adidas.  No stranger to unlikely pairings, the Bionic Yarn textile creator teamed up with G-Star in 2012 for the innovative project ‘Raw for the Oceans’ in which a denim line was created using plastic waste scooped up from the ocean and transformed by Bionic Yarn into a denim textile.

Pharrell's Bionic Yarn denim line project 'Raw for the Ocean' with G-Star
Pharrell’s Bionic Yarn denim line project ‘Raw for the Ocean’ with G-Star

“I’m a huge fan of Zaha’s, I’ve always been,” said Williams in a promotional video (below) for the new trainers. “I would venture to say that she’s one of the most talented architects of our time, and of history in my opinion.”

Hadid‘s design contribution is recognizable on the moulded rubber shell-toe that caps the front of the Superstar Pharrell’s Supershell shoes,  the architect’s signature curvaceous lines emanate from the base of the tongue and over the edge towards the soles.

Pharrell Williams & Zaha Hadid Supershell Shoe for Adidas
Pharrell Williams & Zaha Hadid Supershell Shoe for Adidas

“The kinds of shapes and kinds of structures that she transcribes from her mind’s imagination,” said Williams, “I think that Zaha’s designs are just like her buildings, they augment reality forever.” Pharrell gushes about Zaha’s work, “I feel like with the Supershell she created, using the dimensions of the shoe – cast shadows that weren’t necessarily there.”

The Supershell shoe design also features a white leather upper and a herringbone-pattern rubber cup-sole. The Iraqi-born, British based architect is among a series of collaborators from the art world that Williams invited to work on the collection, which is set to launch in less than two weeks time. New York artist Todd James and Japanese artist Mr. have also contributed designs.

Pharrell Williams & Zaha Hadid Supershell Shoe for Adidas
Pharrell Williams & Zaha Hadid Supershell Shoe for Adidas

Hadid is no stranger to footwear design. Her previous collaborations include limited-edition boots for Lacoste, moulded plastic designs for Melissa and cantilevered heels for United Nude.

Zaha’s recent architectural work, the Dominion Office Project in Moscow, receives a cameo appearance in the video compilation by Adidas in reference to how Zaha’s unique architectural eye transfers to the Adidas trainers.


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