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Beauty Trends

Saint Laurent Paris’ to launch a colorful new lashware line

Due out this May is Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s new mascara, Mascara Vinyl Couture, a topshelf lashware line made with a vinyl texture in 9 disco shades. Stephan Bezy, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté international general manager said the smooth-textured product gives volume, length and curve to lashes. “But on top of that, it delivers color like no [other] mascara,” …

Beauty Trends

World famous Pat McGrath to start Beauty line in 2016.

Pat McGrath Labs, the world-famous makeup artist, is in the process of turning her winning runway looks into a full-fledged makeup brand by late 2016. Pat’s new business model was built on one simple premise: From models and editors to the general public—everyone wanted her gilded eye makeup creation shown at Prada Spring 2016. “We’re doing …