Sneak Peek: Virgil Abloh’s ‘Off-White x IKEA’ Furniture Collection Inspired By The Digital Age.

High Snobiety reports, Abloh live-streamed to followers a sneak peek of the Off-White x IKEA collaboration. From an undisclosed location Virgil walked fans through what appears to be a furniture line inspired by the digital age replete with message digs against the FCC in support for #NetNuetrality.


Shaved rug by Off-White x IKEA designed by Virgil Abloh.

Virgil shared a selection of prototypes, including privacy-free display cabinets and floating mirrors with the word “distortion” written in the corner.


Stating that the aim is to make an affordable collection for millennials, Virgil promised that the collection will retail at the typical IKEA price points.

Off-White x IKEA Furniture gallery:

Off-White x IKEA official prices

The table will cost €279, the chairs €69.95, the chaise lounge €99.95, the cushion for chaise lounge €99.95, and additional cushions will come to €9.99 and €12.99.

The “WET GRASS” rug will cost €229, the receipt rug will be €59, the distortion mirror will cost €159, Virgil’s take on the Mona Lisa costs €49 and the temporary clock will come to €24.95. My favorite piece the small brown “SCULPTURE” bag will go for €9.99 and the larger one for €12.99.

Off-White x IKEA release date

IKEA has announced that the Off-White collaboration will release sometime in 2020, with the exact release date still unconfirmed.

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