Poland’s Economic Boom Triggers A New Wave of Modern Architecture.

In 2012 Poland hosted the Euro football championship match leading to major improvements in sports and transport infrastructure prior to the event. Poland’s booming economy, which has seen growth of almost 40 per cent over the last decade, and the new development projects sparked renewed investment interest inside and outside the capital of Warsaw and triggered a new wave of modern architecture.

In almost every Polish city, from the Tatra Mountains to the Baltic Sea, new academic facilities, museums, theaters and concert halls are in construction by both local and foreign developers. Ambitious private initiatives for public works are also underway including office, retail and residential projects.

Designs differ in scale and form ranging from radical experimentation to subtler, functional schemes. Here we’ve selected new wave style architecture completed in Poland within the last year or so.

Photography: Hufton + Crow, Jakub Certowicz

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