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New Airbnb Travel Initiative Connects Travelers To Rural Villages In Italy.


New Airbnb Travel Initiative Connects Travelers To Rural Villages In Italy.

During Milan Design Week Airbnb launched a national project, Italian Villages, to promote and support over 40 small villages and their communities. Showcasing these small Italian towns to travelers from all over the world means offering insight into their unique landscapes, traditions and cultures and helping to improve their local economies by encouraging off-the-beaten-track, sustainable tourism.  From North to South, rural Italy is dotted with villages where one can feel at home.



Twenty villages, one for each Italian region, are being promoted internationally on a dedicated platform. The website connects hosts living in these villages with travelers that are interested in discovering a less familiar part of Italy by sharing their home on Airbnb. Another twenty villages will added to the project over the coming year.

We love sharing our way of life with guests. We feel very attached to this small town in the mountains, a gem of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, and we like helping people to discover it. It has so much to offer with its landscapes, the nature reserves, the delicious food, the history and its genuine people.”

Francesca and Thomas from BercetoCredit: Massimiliano Donati/Awakening

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