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A Nude Wall Is The Latest Food Trend In Health & Wellness.

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A Nude Wall Is The Latest Food Trend In Health & Wellness.

Grocery stores are adopting what is called a nude wall in an effort to eliminate plastic packaging used to sell fresh fruit and vegetables. Instead customers bring their own resealable containers to take their produce home.

The business insider first reported the news about South African retailer Pick n Pay who successfully rolled out nude walls to 13 stores.


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The plastic-free zones feature a wall of naked produce including a broad range of fruit and vegetable products. To keep plastic at an absolute minimum the stores use lasers to etch barcodes into the skin rather than stickers.   

A Nude Wall. (photo: Ja Ma Gou)
Nude wall in China. (photo: Ja Ma Gou)

Global adoption of nude walls could significantly reduce the world’s plastic problem. According to Plastic Oceans, plastic packaging accounts for over 40% of total plastic usage around the world.

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