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The Hosiery Brand Worn By The Royals Now Has A Sustainable Line.

(photo: Pierre Mantoux)
Sustainable Fashion

The Hosiery Brand Worn By The Royals Now Has A Sustainable Line.

Italy’s historic hosiery brand Pierre Mantoux launches their first sustainable line. The 85 year old company whose hosiery has graced British royals from Lady D to Kate Middleton set out to develop a sustainable line “dedicated to women conscious of the fact that real luxury is being respectful of the environment”, says a Pierre Mantoux representative.

The new winter hosiery line focuses on technology with thermo insulating yarn derived from coffee, which is able to capture and preserve the body’s natural heat. The collection of tights, leggings and knee-highs come in Fall 2019 trendy neon colors. And also includes festive holiday patterns.

(photo: Pierre Mantoux)
(photo: Pierre Mantoux)

Pierre Mantoux is available online and in most high end department stores including Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

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