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Loewe And Bodega Numanthia Estates Design A Collector-Worthy Wine Barrel.

Loewe and Bodega Numanthia New Limited Edition Wine Barrell (photo: courtesy Loewe)
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Loewe And Bodega Numanthia Estates Design A Collector-Worthy Wine Barrel.

Long ago the Romans realized they could transport and store large quantities of wine in casks and the rest is history. Unsurprisingly the wine barrel is still the preferred storage method today but the cask is also a winemaking tool to vary the color, flavor, tannin profile and texture of wine.

In tribute to the age-old tradition Bodega Numanthia Estates and Spanish fashion label Loewe have created a wine barrel combing Termanthia Winery’s core savoir-faire knowledge with Loewe’s excellence in fine leather goods.

© Bodega Numanthia
Loewe x Bodega Numanthia photo © Bodega Numanthia

The Bodega Numanthia estate located in Valdefinjas, Castile in León is renowned for its powerful and intense wines. The house Termanthia wine is their most prestigious, it is crafted from 140-year-old vines.

The 2016 Termanthia, Bodega Numanthia’s finest wine. (photo: Courtesy LVMH)

The new limited edition barrels are custom-made to order and include a bottle of the 2016 Termanthia wine. The barrels are made from French oak wood and covered in Loewe leather.  The owner’s initials are etched in the skin via a traditional leather marquetry technique before shipping.




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