Perrin Paris (photo: courtesy)

Perrin Paris: The Modern Heritage Brand Architects A New Handbag.

Perrin is a luxury leather goods brand founded in 1893 in Saint Junien, France.  Founders Victor and Berthe Rigaudy-Perrin began what would become a century’s-old tradition of expert glove in using exceptional quality materials.

Today, the family owned and operated business offers a suite of accessories products including a new modern handbag line which premiered for Spring 2016. The highly exclusive label also added a tannery, which treats only Perrin leather, making for a more exclusive product.

The collections most notable pieces are the glove and wrist attachments that allow the bags to be worn rather than carried.

Perrin has boutiques in Paris, Los Angeles, New York and Hong Kong.  There is also a flagship design studio & showroom in Paris. The luxury items can also be purchased online.


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