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Design Gifts For The Guy Who Has Everything!

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Design Gifts For The Guy Who Has Everything!

Are you in a gifting rut? Maybe you are in a new relationship and you don’t know what to get! Or, are you are in a relationship with someone who shops better than you do and you’ve been searching for that perfect, cool unexpected gift?

That’s where we come in. Let us be your Yoda of design gift giving! We have a wealth of simple chic gift ideas! And we know design names that even HE may not have heard of yet!

Meet LE GRAMME! A super new design duo who creates gifts for lovers of fine objects! The cool thing about their products is they are functional design objects that look great on display! And, they are made of precious materials that you can purchase by the gram!

There done, told you we had your back! Check out our two favorite items from the Le Gramme collection.


This is an object of excellence and an ideal gift for an aesthete. And the Le Gramme ruler can be personalized with laser engraving or calligraphy. 👏

LE GRAMME (DP Objets Fonctionnels EN)-11



This is one of the most universal design objects in the world. Who doesn’t have a key ring?? But Le Gramme takes this functional design object up a notch! Inspired by the logarithmic spiral of Fibonacci, the sizes of the three key rings respect the logic of perfect and successive proportions of the gold number in Sterling silver. 😮

LE GRAMME (DP Objets Fonctionnels EN)-6
THE KEY RING by Le Gramme in Polished Sterling Silver


So, what do you think? Did we find you the perfect gift?

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