The Cut Releases 2017 Health Research Liberating ‘Being Single’ From Sexless and Unhappy.

Article Excert from The Cut Magazine: In recent history, there have never been as many unmarried adults as there are right now. Bella DePaulo, a psychologist who studies single people, pulled some facts and numbers that she gathered from her 2017 studies. For a long time, we’ve accepted the idea that unless they hurry up and marry, single adults will stay sexless and unhappy until they die (and sooner, at that). But it seems single people don’t scare so easily anymore — in unprecedented numbers, they are going ahead and living their single lives, which are often healthier and more fulfilling than those of their coupled counterparts. In 2017, finally, the weight of the scientific evidence from the most sophisticated studies was on their side.

6 New Things Researchers Learned About Single People in 2017.

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