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Summer Braids.


Summer Braids.

Braids are a great protective hairstyle in summer. Whether you plan to remain in the city or go on holiday summer braids are easy to manage.  Straight synthetic hair extensions are best, the result is a long straight hairstyle that can be packed in a bun or curled and swept to the side like the ones spotted on Malia Obama.

Malia, the eldest daughter of Barack and Michelle, was seen in New York yesterday with a water bottle in hand and wearing Soulcycle leggings. Malia was likely heading to or leaving a workout class. The 19-year-old was photographed in Manhattan with her ultra-long locks in summer-ready braids pulled back into a half-up bun.

photo by Shutterstock

The style Malia chose are very simple and can be designed in multiple ways. Malia’s hair is very long but anyone can achieve this hairstyle with wavy extensions.

Malia Obama (right) with her father, former president Barack Obama.


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