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Paris Exhibition At La Samaritaine, Focus On The Everyday Life.

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Paris Exhibition At La Samaritaine, Focus On The Everyday Life.

La Samaritaine, a much-loved iconic edifice situated in the heart of Paris, reopens with an exhibition of eleven talented young photographers to liven up its cultural scene.

Carte Blanche at La Samaritaine. ©Copyright : Marion Gambin

The photographers from the opening exhibition are all graduates of Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains, they each propose a striking interpretation of Parisian life and the historic Parisian site.

The renovation of La Samaritaine, completed thanks to the help of the Foundation Louis Vuitton, is one of the biggest architectural projects in Europe.

The exhibition creates a compelling dialogue between art and the worksite, introducing a fresh perspective of La Samaritaine while reaffirming close ties with the outside world of contemporary creativity.

© Kai-Chun Chiang / © Hanako Murakami / © Anaïs Boudot

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