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Rihanna Is Back In The Studio Recording New Music.


Rihanna Is Back In The Studio Recording New Music.

Early this week members from the Ocean’s 8 cast appeared on The Graham Norton show and the quirky interviewer took the opportunity to pressure film star Rihanna to share news about recording new music. Rihanna immediately became suspicious of Norton, asking “Who sent you?” but Norton didn’t back down and the Fenty mogul relented saying she is indeed back in the studio recording new music.

But Norton was relentless, he followed up his inquiry with questions about the timing for the new album, asking if they should expect it by Christmas. A cagey Rihanna didn’t make any promises but she said she will come back on The Graham Norton Show when the songs are released.


Watch the sequence with Rihanna on The Graham Norton Show below:

Cover photo: Rihanna in a Poiret gold metal-yarn draped dress from the Fall/Winter 2018 collection while attending the “Ocean’s 8” premiere in London on Wednesday, June 13th 2018.

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