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N.E.R.D. & Future Drop Politically-Driven Video ‘1000’: There’s A Hero In The Mirror.


N.E.R.D. & Future Drop Politically-Driven Video ‘1000’: There’s A Hero In The Mirror.

Still from the N.E.R.D & Future – 1000 video

From the very beginning Hip Hop & Rap music has always been the genre dedicated to social injustice. So it is with no surprise that Pharrell would release a series of videos with a politically-driven message about what is happening in the world.

In the past, Hip Hop & Rap music spoke about the ails of African Americans in society. But now the genre has expanded to all people caught in political melodrama.

Still from the N.E.R.D & Future – 1000 video

Unlike any generation in history teens must think about terrorism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and religious persecution. Issues that were typically put off until adulthood are now part of class room discussions. Teens have to be aware of gun control laws – because their classmates bring them to schools.

Teens have to be aware of women’s rights and trans rights – because the new policies put in place immediately effect the freedoms they’d expected would be theirs.

This video acutely addresses the reality that regardless to what side of the Trump administration you land everyone sees themselves as a Hero when they look in the mirror. We’ve become so wrapped up in being on the right side that we’re too close to see the damage that we are doing to each other, and our nations.


This is the second video in the series. The first featured Rihanna and it almost broke the internet.  Titled “Lemon”, the video premiered back in November and starred performance artist Mette Towley who returned on Wednesday (Dec. 6) with this new politically-charged video featuring Future.

Still from the N.E.R.D & Future – 1000 video

The visual opens with protesters ripping the conservative flag, followed by a montage of violent riots and protests from people all over the world spliced throughout the five-minute clip.

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