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‘Insecure’ Explores Toxic Masculinity With Kendrick Sampson’s New Character.

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‘Insecure’ Explores Toxic Masculinity With Kendrick Sampson’s New Character.

Earlier this year Emmy nominee Issa Rae spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about plots and story lines for Insecure season 3. In the interview Issa revealed Insecure will explore ‘toxic male black masculinity’ as it relates to black women. “I’m trying to find a way to explore that and get a rounded story line that isn’t preachy” Rae said.

The interview sparked headlines and Issa Rae received a significant amount of backlash. In a follow up interview with NOW THIS Issa clarified she didn’t plan on devoting an entire season to toxic masculinity. She stated the show will focus on adulting and managing everyday issues but from a female perspective. After the interview, show producers and the actors remained hush about the new season.

Insecure premiered last night and Issa does indeed introduce a new story line about toxic masculinity with HTGAWM actor Kendrick Sampson. The actor’s appearance on the show was a surprise. Sampson attended the Insecure season 3 screening in Los Angeles last month but there wasn’t a formal announcement that the actor would be on the show.

Kendrick Sampson in Armani at the Insecure HBO screening in Los Angeles.

In the season opener we learn Issa Rae has taken on a side hustle driving for LYFT. She started the extra job to save money for a new apartment. Sampson plays “Nathan” an attractive but testy LYFT customer who displays passive-aggressive behavior from the time he gets into the car. But even with his bashing of Los Angeles, quickly countered by Issa, there is still chemistry between the two.

Image still of Molly (Yvonne Orji), (Nathan) Kendrick Sampson and Issa (Issa Rae) on Insecure season 3.

The dynamics shift when Issa picks up another male passenger played by Miles Stroter whose unwanted attentions annoy Issa’s ride along companion, Molly.

Image still of random LYFT passenger (Miles Stroter) catcalling to Molly on Insecure season 3.
Image still of a random LYFT passenger (Miles Stroter) in the backseat with Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) on Insecure season 3.

Things deteriorate further when the new passenger rolls a cannabis cigarette and begins to smoke without permission. Issa is uncomfortable but she confronts the new passenger about smoking in the car. He refuses to stop which prompts Nathan (Sampson) to get involved. His more aggressive solution is to throw the cigarette out the window. This escalates quickly into violence and neither Molly nor Issa are able to stop them.

Issa eventually pulls the car over. When it stops Nathan jumps out of the car and runs away leaving Issa and Molly to attend to the remaining (now injured) passenger.

Molly (Yvonne Orji) and Issa (Issa Rae) in an image still on Insecure season 3.

The incident from Issa’s viewpoint is frightening. Equally alarming is the resignation the female characters have regarding the incident. Neither Issa or Molly cancel their plans for the evening nor do they talk about the way the situation was handled.

Issa Rae explores toxic masculinity as it relates to black women on Insecure season 3. (photo: courtesy)
Issa Rae in a still from Insecure season 3.

Later that evening Issa received a notice from LYFT. Nathan gave her a 5 star rating and a $50 dollar tip. Whether the generous donation was an “I’m sorry” or something else we aren’t sure. But I have a feeling we will see more of Kendrick’s character on the show.

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