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FOAM Exhibition (London): NextGen Image-Makers Under 35

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FOAM Exhibition (London): NextGen Image-Makers Under 35

We live in an era when artistic developments no longer proceed via tidy movements, when the art world has not one center- but many. Art today displays great diversity with very unique approaches and distinct visions within a variety of genres.

FOAM exhibition: Pieces of Me, 2015 © Louise Parker

And to support the emergence of new talent popping up on the scene organizations like FOAM create artist hubs that offer safe passage into the art world.

Foam Exhibition 2015 | courtesy photo

FOAM, Amsterdam’s leading photography museum, identifies NewGen artists whose work re-define the medium. And FOAM introduces emerging talent into the international world of photography.

Their latest photo exhibition with London’s Beaconsfield and media partner DAZED Magazine will feature more than 100 works by 24 innovative image-makers under 35.  Influenced by the postmodern idea that everything is fragmented and at the same time an entity on its own accord, the exhibition will feature photo-objects, installations, beamers, lightboxes, wallpapers, films- from the conceptual to the mythical to the violent.

Featured artists include:
Sofia Ayarzagoitia (MX), Juno Calypso (UK), Bubi Canal (ES/US), Paolo Ciregia (IT), Sam Contis (US), Jack Davison (UK), Nicolo Degiorgis (IT), Katinka Goldberg (SE/NO), Andrea Grützner (DE), Samuel Gratacap (FR), Maxime Guyon (FR), Felicity Hammond (UK), Alexandra Hunts (UA/NL), Taejoong Kim (KR), Nico Krijno (ZA), Leo Maguire (UK), Stefanie Moshammer (AT), Andrés Felipe Orjuela (CO), Antonio Ottomanelli (IT), Daan Paans (NL), Louise Parker (US), Andrejs Strokins (LV), Ilona Szwarc (PL/US) and Daisuke Yokota (JP).

Yellow Girl, from the series Devil’s Den 2013 © Eva O’Leary & Harry Griffin, courtesy of the artists

18 May – 18 June
Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall
22 Newport Street
Vauxhall, London
SE11 6AY

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