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Amsterdam On Film: Sex, Drugs & Gardening

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Amsterdam On Film: Sex, Drugs & Gardening

Many in Europe and America are beginning to wonder whether our current economic and political systems best serve our needs. So could Amazonian drugs, feminist sex workers and guerrilla agriculture point the way towards a better future?

It may sound rather prescriptive but that’s the suggestion behind Night Soil, a trio of films by the Dutch artist Melanie Bonajo, on show together for the first time at Bonajo’s solo exhibition in Amsterdam’s Foam photography museum, from 16 September.

Night Soil is a series of experimental semi-documentary films about cultural phenomena that contradict the linear progression of the capitalist system. Each Night Soil film explores trends that move outside the sociological and political norms of consumer society, most of them illegal. From mid-September Bonajo presents her first major solo museum exhibition in Foam, for which all three video works will be united.

Photography;”Furniture bondage” by Melanie Bonajo

Night Soil #1/ Fake Paradise looks at the healing effect of the hallucinatory herbal drug Ayahuasca – used in the Amazon rainforest for a thousand years – on the mind and spirit of modern humans. Night Soil #2/ Economy of Love portrays a group of female sex workers in Brooklyn and attempts to change our ideas about intimacy. Night Soil #3 / Nocturnal Gardening, which examines radical and innovative ways to produce food, will have its premiere at Foam.

Night Soil series by Melanie Bonajo
Foam Museum
Keizersgracht 609, 1017 DS, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Thursday, 15th September
From 17.30 hrs

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