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‘A Wrinkle In Time’ And ‘Black Panther’ Make History As The Two Top Films At The Box Office.

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‘A Wrinkle In Time’ And ‘Black Panther’ Make History As The Two Top Films At The Box Office.

Today there was a history making event at the weekend box office. For the first time in Hollywood history the top two movies in America were directed by a Black Man (#BlackPanther ) and a Black Woman (#AWrinkleInTime).

Film still from A Wrinkle In Time directed by Ava DuVernay.
Actress Rowan Blanchard (left), lead actress Stormy Reid (center), and director Ava DuVernay (right) from A Wrinkle In Time.

A Wrinkle In Time made $33 million dollars domestic at its opening weekend. It was directed by Ava DuVernay, an African American film maker whose previous film Selma was nominated for an Academy award.

A $33 million dollar opening weekend for a young adult film, compared to traditional action films like Maze Runner which boasted a whopping $24 million dollars opening weekend, is an immense achievement.

Marvel films is also celebrating. It was announced a few days ago that the marvel comic book movie Black Panther has reached 1 billion dollars (domestic and abroad). It was directed by newcomer Ryan Coogler, also African American, and it is still dominating everything at the box office.

Congratulations to both directors on an incredible success.

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