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3 Television Shows We Wish Netflix Would Bring Back

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3 Television Shows We Wish Netflix Would Bring Back

Some shows that have been nixed by network television are definitely best left unrevived, but there are some that ended on crazy cliffhangers or just had tons more story to tell, the finales came all too soon. Here is a look at three TV shows that would be perfect for Netflix to bring back.

Lipstick Jungle



Lipstick Jungle follows the exploits of three friends, dominant forces in their areas of expertise, who are out to win and win big. (And if that sounds like a cliché, take Bushnell’s word for it: “There was only one place to go, and that was up.”)

Victoria is a fashion designer balancing her love life and building her brand in the fashion industry, authentically. Nico is an uber-ambitious (and sometime ruthless) publishing executive whose personal life is spinning out of control. And Wendy is a hotshot studio head (think Jim Gianopulos of Paramount pictures) who is juggling cut-throat industry types, troublesome “creatives” and being a good mom and attentive wife.

Cashmere Mafia

Cashmere Mafia

Cashmere Mafia focuses on four successful, privileged and glamorous women who support each other in their business, careers and personal lives.  A powerful force in the business world these Manhattan women have enviable job titles and Park Avenue apartments and often times have to band together to hold on to those elusive trophies.

Leading this foursome of glamour-biz power players is magazine publisher Mia Mason whose love life crumbles the minute she lands at the top of her career. Next is Zoe Burden one of Manhattan’s top investment bankers (think Mr. Big from SATC) managing security issues inside her unconventional marriage (spoiler alert: she makes wayyy more than her husband). Caitlin Dowd is a Beauty Executive at the top of her field and determined to circumnavigate gender stereotypes. The queen bee among them is Juliet Draper who has the panache to not only rule the business world as Chief Executive but also Manhattan’s upper east side as a powerful socialite.  Unfortunately her life isn’t as great as it seems.



When Girlfriends ended it was the longest-running CW sitcom, saying goodbye after eight successful seasons. Licensing issues halted the show and as tough as that was for fans it was made even worse when the show ended on a cliff hanger.  Producers promised a retrospective episode to honor and celebrate the landmark series but it never happened.

The central character is the single lawyer Joan set on marriage and the belief that if she is a “good girl” she’ll find ‘the one’. Her ambitious assistant Maya juggles married life with her desire to be more than a receptionist. Then there’s power hungry business owner Toni who uses all her assets to get to the top and rule the Los Angeles real estate scene. And finally there’s Lynn the bored yet ever-insightful sprite whose priviledged mindset keeps her from committing to any one thing despite her many accolades and support from her friends.

Needless to say bringing the show back to see how these smart, funny and ambitious women turned out would be a cool deal.


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