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Don’t Miss: At The End Of The Rainbow By Herbert Hamak (Milan)

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Don’t Miss: At The End Of The Rainbow By Herbert Hamak (Milan)

Double Trouble 95 showroom founded by Stefano Pizzamiglio began as a Slam Jam space specializing in streetwear apparel and street art dealing. Brands like Carhartt, Stussy and Freshjive have all been featured in the alternative art hub. Stefano’s latest art works project, At The End of The Rainbow by Herbert Hamak, was introduced at the MIart festival and was presented during design week in Milan, and is now on its final leg.

The exhibition is hosted in collaboration with Studio City. Together they present German artist Herbert Hamak’s installations inserted inside the Salone Out circuit. The exhibition, opened at the end of March, will disappear on Sunday.  The pieces are shown as a retrospective of works that tell “the story of a story” about color, Hamak explains:

This is a story about pictorial genesis, the evolution of the study of color and the manner in which I learned to paint with it, because that is what I am, I am a “painter”

In this sense, the title is very significant and embodies the culmination of his research. The key work exposure is precisely a large multi-color installation, designed to invade the refracted light at the entrance of the exhibition space, just like a rainbow.

Other works include large scale installations covering the expansive grounds at Double Trouble 95 showroom.

At the end of the rainbow
Ends 22 Aprile 2017
Studio la Città Temporary Space, via Pestalozzi, 4 Milan
In collaborazione with DOUBLETROUBLE95

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